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My muscle pains have completely vanished

‘Taking capsules with co-enzyMy muscle pains have completely vanishedme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,’ Mrs Franken explains. She used to suffer from nasty muscle pains, a common side effect of so-called statines. ‘Everything tended to hurt when I moved. That’s very annoying, to say the least. I’m glad that’s all in the past!’

‘I’ve been using the capsules for four or five years now,’ Mrs Franken tells. ‘That’s why I’m certain that Q10 is a permanent solution to the problem of the side effects of my medicine. However, it’s crucial to choose the right Q10 product. When I switched temporarily to a cheaper brand, I noticed that the muscle pain came back. But as soon as I returned to my trusted capsules, the complaints disappeared again.’

Long term process

Mrs. Franken has been using cholesterol lowing drugs for more than twenty years. "The first few years, everything was fine. The medicine did what it had to do and I did't notice any side effects. However, as the years passed by things change. The muscle pains started and I would get tired quicker. The symptoms only got more serious as time passed. Eventually, it became so bad that I could hardly work in my garden anymore, and that has always been my greatest hobby."

Physician didn’t have an answer

Of course, Mrs. Franken consulted her family doctor but without much result. ‘I was told that I would have to continue with the medicine – and I had every intention to do so, because my father died much too early from cardiac arrest. That definitely makes you think about your own health. However, there wasn’t much to do about the side effects, my doctor regrettably admitted. I would have to learn to live with it. But that would also mean a life without gardenwork, which was way beyond my imagination.’

Reform house

Mrs. Franken didn’t give up that easily. She went to the reform house in her hometown and asked for advice. ‘The reform house often is my last resort, and this time was no exception. They advised me to use capsules with co-enzyme Q10. I bought a boxand a few weeks later the muscle pain was gone! You simply can’t imagine how relieved I was."

Logical explanation

Although was very surprised with the great effect, there is a very logical explanation. In the body, the production of cholesterol and Q10 takes place in the liver, sharing the same biochemical pathway. The cholesterol lowering drugs block this pathway, which means that not only the cholesterol levels drop, but also the Q10 levels. As Q10 is essential for the energy production in every single cell of the body,a Q10 deficit may cause symptoms like muscle pain and fatigue due to impaired cellular energy output.

Quality of life

Mrs. Franken is very happy with this simple solution. ‘I can work in my garden again,’ she tells, standing outsidein her beautiful garden which resembles a small paradise. She points to a large section behind the little pond and flowerbeds. ‘I also grow all my vegetables myself. But I can tell you, it’s not fun having to do the weeding ifyour muscles hurt. I’m so glad I’ve been able to put that problem behind me!’